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Halal Incorp is a British based digital marketing agency providing a range of services to help small and medium sized companies & entrepreneurs. We help by providing digital services that help build brands and social media marketing to generate leads. We can help with building sales funnels, creating lead magnets and landing pages. We provide business consultancy and digital strategies to our clients. We can manage your existing social media platforms and create new ones as well. 

We have built international media partnerships with a variety of expos, conferences and events. We have had media partnerships with Halal Expos in places such as Korea, Japan, Moscow, Spain, Oman & Turkey. We also have a media partnership with Islamica 500 which details the 500 most powerful Muslims in the Islamic economy globally. Last year we supported through media partnerships the 24th World Islamic Banking Conference in Bahrain and Dubai Modest Fashion Week.  

How Can We Help You Make More Money, Get More Leads & Enhance Your Brand?? We can create images, use stock photos or use images from your galleries and add watermarked images of your brand to them. We can share these images across social media which will help build your brand over time as more people begin to see and identify your brand.  

We can run Facebook ads for your company. We can use targeting to choose specific geographical locations, we can narrow down age ranges and better target those most likely to transact with your product or service. Halal Incorp can manage all your social media platforms, reply to customer queries and manage the mediums effectively. 

Halal Incorp can create lead magnets such as eBooks or PDF guides as well as landing pages. We can create effective landing pages and manage opt ins leading them through to an automated email marketing series campaign. This is designed to help increase your engagement with leads and prospects and eventually allows you to pitch/sell your products and services more effectively over time.  

We undertake a website audit and can run your content marketing campaigns. We can produce SEO optimised blog posts and articles. We can create content for multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Snapchat & Medium. We can repurpose content and also help you create a podcast for audio engagement. 

Halal Incorp can help you set up a sales funnel and create a digital marketing strategy for your business. We can undertake research such as SWOT analysis and competitor analysis. We can create a white paper to help you conceptualise a strategy to dominate your sector. Halal Incorp Provides World Class Services At Economical Affordable Prices.  

We Can Create Bespoke Marketing Campaigns To Suit The Needs Of Your Business

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We Are Lion Influencers On Linked In, Having Touched Over 1+ Million People's Lives 

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